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This is Now @ University of Minnesota College of Design

February 2018

Underground is a collection inspired by the motifs of consumerism and wastefulness carried throughout Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The main inspiration comes from a character who lives in a dump and literally wears all of her belongings on her back, most of which is just meaningless junk. These objects weigh her down, forcing her to live with the paranoia of losing them. Many of the textiles used in the collection were hand made using fabric scraps that Kelsey has collected over the years, things that most would consider garbage. She hopes to bring new life to these forgotten objects through this eclectic line using spinning, quilting, braiding, knitting, and latch hooking techniques, bringing refinement to the concept of wearing “garbage.”


Innovations Eco-Fashion Show @ Sol Inspirations

November 2016

These looks were designed using the eco-friendly transportation initiative, Nice Ride, as inspiration. They have steampunk elements to show a post-apocalyptic world without clean air to make a statement about the ill side effects of unnecessary carbon emissions. The two looks were to utilize only sustainable materials and practices, with the menswear looking using non-traditional materials as well. The menswear look is made using expired doctor’s masks and recycled coffee bean transport bags, as well as detailing with electrical tape and hex nuts. The womenswear look is made with muslin scraps that were freeform quilted to create a textile.


University of Minnesota College of Design

Fall 2015

This look was designed for the dandy menswear brand, Beyond Closet. Kelsey researched into the Romantic Era of literature, as well as how it contrasted with the Industrial Revolution. Inspired by Grimm’s fairytale, Kelsey designed a stylized pair of lederhosen using recycled denim and Japanese embroidery techniques with a 3-T-shirt that mimics three shirts sewn together, using the neck-holes for one’s arms.